My New TOY 2!

Bought my new toy. Yes, i have been spending like Msian govment, simply spend spend and spend! LOL.. i bantu tingkatkan the ekonomi ma ;p

Neway, bought my new toy and it is such a fun toy! 50 mm F1.8 Nikkor lense , bought together with a travelling bag. Apa lagi, i terus pasang n shoot!

Work life. Imbalanced work life.

Work is fun. (say this 3 times if your work is not that fun.)

Work is fun. Work is fun. Work is fun.

I made myself ready even prior to graduation, that I shall work like a dog (literally) and work work and work.

well, now for the past one year, it has been that same old story. WORK work and WORK.

I think i have spent easily 10 nights in KLCC. Longest marathon was nearly 40hours stay. Thank god its kewl to actually sleep in tallest twin tower in the world and universe. Though the fact that i am at Level 12 ONLY does not take into account :P

In office, when you just need to get confirmation from user/system/bla2 , and got nothing to do till then; this what happens.

SCENE 1 : 11PM . Lick the orange act.

SCENE 2 : 11 PM . Suck the orange while having colleague to flash V sign.

SCENE 3 : 3 AM in the morning, sleepiness creeps in. Aww...

10 Things in My Mind.

Tag. I never knew I will end up doing one. Hated it. But wat the heck.

ShernShiou was tagged by Weizhu . I am tagged by Shernshiou. is the list of 10 Honest Things I have in my mind:

  1. I think Rahman's musical journey is getting way above human standard. He is untouchable dy... luv his new release which can be bought at Amazon here.
  2. I think its not fair that I am over-working, and other ppl are complaining of their job is overloaded.
  3. I think work sucks coz of mis-management.
  4. I think i need to get a life partner faster than I would admit. :|
  5. I have a weak anti-body especially against FLU virusses
  6. Country needs a saviour from over zealous politics
  7. Can we ban all religion? habis citer
  8. I need to be serious if i wanna loose discipline!! aargh
  9. I cant think of any #9 here! mind is blank
  10. Realized tat i cant even think of 10 things tat my mind is thinking of. I stopped at 8.
  11. BONUS : i have successfully broke the physics law by writing 11 things that my mind is thinking about, while only thinking of 8 things. Get it? i think i can solve quantum physics
malas nak tag org. who reads this blog newaY? lol

Peace Yo!

Late to update blog again :D

Maaf ye pak!

Bukit Jalil outting, Dec 2009

Photoshoot! Wooot! Shoot!

It was a hot sunny SUNday, I went to drop off Mala's cousin who just enrolled into Sunway College , then went to Bkt Jalil Park around afternoon.

Missed the earlier fun (sweats!) , but am definitely not too late. The park was nice except the ongoing construction basically ruined the water-park / river like scenario.

My new TOY!

Bought this last week after months thinking about it! GooZee , RM 600 (including a Papago and Garmin map)

Not really a necessity ...but keeps me away from getting lost!

Worked for a year!

Been a month plus since last post. Guess I am just being lazy and undisciplined in updating my personal blog every week once at least.
Actual reason is , well...what else. WORK. Its getting alot more and the expectation from bosses is as if you have been in the working field for 10years. Damn. Take a break and can you see that I am a fresh grad for once? But to think of it again, only this way will bring the best out of me.
One year working at this place just brought the best out of myself. The mistakes done made me more matured and responsible.

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